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SWOOXY is kinda sad to see the world like this; egocentric, selfisch, sad, angry, fear, jalousy. He wants the world
to be nicer to eachother. He can't understand why people are so rude to one another. So here we start and go for the
good. Look and talk, give attention to another and be interested. And enjoy the world around you, its worth it! And you
see...just everyone has to work with me, so easy.


Hiya! My name is Swooxy.

Coming from year 3046. Not far. Cause time flies. Me too. Go to places for help. Earth needs help. Lots an lots of help. Bzzztn. So hear me and think. But also do. Earth needs love. Friendly talking is the start. It connects people. Give attention. The interest for eachother brings hope. Reactions with a smile and fun takes away problems. Start to accept that we need everybody. You are important, your family, your friends, your neighbours, and everybody you meet ande see r important. That's how it works. Give a hand, give a smile, work and talk and help and see................. Its good to live together. We all create the good!