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On our planet Bivezia we don't have hairdressers. I'll explain that in a few moments. We also don't have to shave as a man. Thats cool comparing to your daily rituals of wet and dry shaving; and ofcourse aftershaves. Much time left for us to do other things, like cleaning our pair of safetyglasses, which are also included when we are born. But I promised to tell you about our lack of hairdressers. We don't need them you know. Hair isn't growing. we get a little hair when we are born. Get our full hairdesign in 1 year and it never grows again. Only when we turn 10, 20, 30 etc., so every 10 years it falls out, and than we get new in 1 year again. And when we cut the hair it never comes back again, so we don't do that, so simple here! And I hear you thinking....:"What about the girls?" well almost the same, although it grows faster and much longer, and never fals out completely, just every 10 years half short, and in 1 year back again. No gossip in the hairdresserssalon, hehheh.

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